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Developers can actually be funny

This is a very enjoyable presentation. It’s Scott Hanselman’s keynote from the 2014 O’Reilly Velocity conference in Santa Clara, CA. Scott Hanselman is a web developer, working with Microsoft and Azure and during this presentation he goes on about JavaScript, the cloud and architecting web applications in a very pleasant way.

Switching to Jekyll GitHub pages

Goal: An easy to maintain personal website

Display PDF in-page without a javascript plugin

There are cases where a PDF file is more than a download link and you need to display it inline inside your page. Recently I’ve stumbled upon a conversation where somebody was looking for a good jQuery plugin that displays PDF files. One of the suggestions was the amazing pdf.js which is developed by the Mozilla foundation and it’s pretty much a full blown PDF viewer in your browser.

Vagrant Apache or nginx serving corrupt Javascript and CSS files

If you prefer a virtualized environment for your web development purposes, you may find Vagrant a really handy solution. Vagrant is a fantastic tool that creates a virtual machine which can be provisioned with Chef or Puppet and be re-packaged for future distribution.

iTerm2 + Oh My ZSH!

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably dealing a lot with the terminal. I use it all the time because i’m working with Git and lots of branches, i create cron jobs and console applications, so i need a pretty good terminal.

How GitHub Uses GitHub to Build GitHub

This is probably the presentation I’ve read the most while going through SpeakerDeck or SlideShare. I love GitHub both as a software product and philosophy as a team, so I try to read as much as i can related to them.